Small paws...Big hearts!

Questions/Answers about ADOPTING:

1. Do I have to fill out an application to adopt a dog? Why can't I just come see the dog and take it home right away like at the pound?

We do not know who you are so we need an application telling us about you so we can make sure we match you up with the right dog that will fit in your household and lifestyle. All of our dogs are in foster homes. We don't have a facility where you can "shop for a dog". That is not what rescue is about. Most of our dogs come from bad situations and needed rehabilitation in order to get ready for a new home. By filling out an application we can contact you and tell you about the dog you're interested so a mutual decision can be made if this is the dog for you

2. I don’t have a fenced in yard, can I still adopt a dog?

Yes, you can still adopt a dog but you will need to be diligent on making sure the dog is secure in your yard, goes for daily walks, and cannot escape out the doors of the house.

3. Why is the adoption fee so high? I can easily to to a pound or shelter and get a free dog or pay only a few dollars?

Our adoption fees are based on how it costs us to fully vet the rescue dog. Many dogs come to us with issues so not only do they get shots, heartworm tested, rabies shot given, and spayed/neutered, but they get medication for whatever is wrong with them. Often times x-rays are taken, blood work, extra surgery, etc. all of which cost money. The adoption fee covers the basics and we rely on donations to help cover the rest of our vet bill.

4. What if my adopted dog is not getting along with my child(ren), spouse, family dog, cat. etc.?

We are more than willing to take back your adopted dog, however, we do not refund the adoption fee. This encourages people to be patient and try to work out issues between their adopted dog and whatever situation is being a problem. However, before adopting a dog we encourage families to take our mini mutt on a "foster to adopt" program when there are other animals or children in the house that could present a problem. We ask this "trial period" to be a MINIMUM two weeks in order to give the rescue dog and everyone/everything involved a chance to work through any issues.

5. The dog I adopted is not working out but my mom (sister, brother, neighbor, etc.) has fallen in love with my dog and wants to adopt him/her. Can we do this?

Sure as long as we know who is taking your dog and they fill out an adoption contract with us so we can still keep track of our mini mutt, keep in touch, hear how they're doing, invite to various events we're participating in, etc.

6. I have small children, can I still adopt a dog from you?

Yes, we encourage families with children to adopt a dog. However, not all of our dogs in our rescue are child friendly. One of the benefits of adopting from us is we work with you to make sure the dog you adopt does get along with your children and your children are safe.

7. When I go on vacation, can your rescue watch my dog for me?

That is up to the foster home and our volunteers. Many of our foster homes do babysit their foster dog that has gotten adopted but that is between you and them. We are not a boarding facility or kennel.

8. If I fill out an application for one of your dogs do I have to adopt that dog or can I pick another one?

You can chose any dog from our rescue. However, after we read over your application and we feel the dog you've chosen will not be a good fit we will let you know. Often times people have applied to adopt for one dog and after going through the approval process have adopted a different dog. Filling out an application with us does not obligate you, just let's us know who you are and that you're interested in adopting from us.

9. If I adopt a dog from you and after a while it's not working out what do I do?

When you first have problems with your adopted dog, please contact us and we'll help you work through these problems. If you're still having problems after trying all our suggestions, taking your dog to the vet to make sure it's not a medical issue, and worked with a trainer, then we'll take the dog back into our rescue. We ask for at least two weeks time to line up a foster home for your dog.

10. The paperwork said the dog I adopted was housebroken but he/she's having accidents. Why did you lie to me?

We didn't lie to you. We potty train all our rescue dogs in foster homes prior to adoption. Often times these dogs will have accidents when first adopted because they are adjusting to their new environment and new family. This usually lasts anywhere from a day or two to once in a while a week or more. We tell all our families to expect accidents in the beginning as the dog is adjusting to everything new again.

Questions/Answers about FOSTERING:

1. How long will I have a foster dog?

We don’t have a set answer for this question. Some foster dogs get adopted within weeks, other dogs stay with us for months, and some have stayed over a year.

2. I don’t have a fenced in yard, can I still foster a dog?

Yes, you can still foster a dog for us but you will need to be diligent on making sure the dog is secure in your yard, goes for daily walks, and cannot escape out the doors of the house.

3. How much does it cost to foster a dog?

The foster home is responsible for buying food, treats, and toys for the foster dog. Depending on how much your foster dog eats and how many toys and treats you buy will be your cost. Food costs approximately $40/month, give or take a few $$ depending on what kind of food you buy and how much your foster dog eats. Most dogs are not housebroken yet and/or use puppy pee pads so you will need to purchase cleaning supplies and the puppy pee pads. Mini Mutts Rescue provides collars, leashes, harnesses, crates, car carriers, blankets and towels when donated, and belly bands for the boys. When we get donated food, treats, toys, as well as donated puppy pee pads, etc. we distribute those among the foster homes as needed.

4. Do I have to pay the vet costs for my foster dog?

No, Mini Mutts Rescue pays for all the vet costs associated with the foster dog in order to get the dog ready to be adopted. However, should there be an accident in your house with the foster dog that could have been avoidable or due to negligence on your part (or someone in the household) then you will be responsible for the emergency or regular vet costs.

5. What if my foster dog is not getting along with my child(ren), spouse, family dog, cat. etc.?

We never want to disrupt your household for the sake of fostering a dog. Should your foster dog be a problem to where he/she is being disruptive and you cannot take care of the situation we will take the foster dog back. We would hope you would take another in his/her place as a “trade” to keep trying to foster. We understand that not everyone gets along but sometimes these foster dogs just need time, patience, and love and they learn to get along with others.

6. I’m falling in love with my foster dog, can I adopt him/her?

Yes, you can adopt your foster dog as long as we don’t have a family already showing interest in your foster dog. As soon as we hear from someone asking about your foster dog we let you know so you know the dog is no longer available for you to adopt. Should you decide you want to adopt your foster dog and you haven’t heard from us that there is anyone interested then we need you to let us know right away so we can remove your foster dog’s Petfinder listing.

7. How much do I get paid for fostering a dog?

We do not pay any of our volunteers, which is what volunteering is all about. Your reward comes in the form of seeing your foster dog blossom under your care and get adopted into a loving forever home.

8. When I go on vacation, what happens with my foster dog if he/she is still with me?

If you cannot take your foster dog with you, then we need to know at least three weeks in advance of when you’re going on vacation so we can make arrangements with someone else to watch your foster dog while you’re gone. Keep in mind we will still be advertising your foster dog and it is possible he/she will get adopted while you’re gone. If not, the dog will come back to you when you return from your vacation.

9. My (mom, dad, sister, cousin, etc.) has fallen in love with my foster dog, can he/she adopt him/her?

Yes but they will still need to fill out an application and sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee as stated on the Petfinder listing.

10. Do I have to do the paperwork with the family who is adopting my foster dog?

Only if you want to. How much you want to get involved in the adoption process of your foster dog is up to you. We contact references and vets, conduct in home and virtual home visits, and have meet/greets with all our foster dogs and prospective forever families. You can be included in one or all or none of this process. However, when a family has a question about your foster dog we do expect you to be able to communicate with them and answer all their questions. We also do NOT give out any of your personal information (email, phone, address, etc.), that is up to you when the time comes. We do ask that most communication between you and the prospective forever family be in the form of email with copies of those emails going to us so we know what is going on.