"Our mission is to save dogs, one at a time, from being euthanized at local shelters, pounds, and kennels. Although we can't save them all, those we can save are given a new chance at life, an opportunity to experience freedom, safety, and most importantly - love."

Small paws...Big hearts!


Miscellaneous Mini Mutts Rescue dogs!

We've Partnered with Bomb Boy Fizzer Squad to raise money to help our rescue dogs. Purchase a piece of jewelry and a % of proceeds goes towards helping Mini Mutts Rescue. This jewelry is fantastic and the host of the show is none other than Carla's grandson himself!!! All jewelry is handcrafted and a SURPRISE. You order what you want and then watch the reveal during one of the live shows on Facebook! There is even a kids collection with adjustable rings for all size little fingers. So, you're helping our mini mutts AND treating yourself to some fantastic jewelry. Please share the Facebook link so everyone can join in on the fun while helping our little rescue dogs!!   

We cannot save all the dogs in the world but we can give the world to the dogs we do save!


We are no longer accepting owner surrender dogs. Unfortunately, previous owners have not been truthful with us in the condition of their dog(s) when asking us to take them and our funds have been depleted many times due to high vet bills as a result. I'm sorry that others have ruined it for future dogs that need help but please understand our position. If you have a dog you must surrender be sure to take your dog to your vet to make sure ALL medical issues have been taken care of prior to contacting another rescue for help. Should your dog be old and sick then the HUMANE thing to do would be to hold your dog lovingly in your arms while your vet helps him/her go to doggie Heaven.